Thank Crunchie it's Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you have had a good week and are looking forward the weekend as much as I am! Tomorrow is my best friends birthday, so today I have been creating her a birthday cake out of brownie bites, quite a nice job to do on a Friday afternoon.. and having a little nibble of my current favourite, the Honeycomb brownie whilst hands on with the brownie tower!

The Mince Pie and the Honeycomb brownies are now available on the website in our bespoke boxes. The Honeycomb is proving quite popular already, and I know why, it is like eating a brownie with a Crunchie crumbled on top of it. Pretty damn good!

It has been an exciting week for The Sweet Reason Company. We have been working with Propel London an award winning recruitment agent in Soho. We were given a really interesting project from them which involved branding some of our boxes in their grey and lime green, which actually goes beautifully with our yellow and grey brand. Their first batch of boxes were sent out yesterday, brownie bites boxes will be arriving on 36 lucky people's desks today.

We also have a lovely feature in the November issue of Delicious magazine, we are on their 'Hot List' for luxury shopping online. Thanks #Delicious! Look out for us in the December issue too..

Next week we start to work on our deliveries for the festive season. What a fabulous time of the year, it is all about food, giving and flavour. That kind of sums up The Sweet Reason Company actually.

Have a great weekend





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