Happy 2015

I can't believe Christmas and New Year have been and gone. Does it always go that quickly? We were so busy before Christmas, sending out all your delicious boxes, that we didn't get stuck into those Mince Pie brownies in front of Christmas television until Christmas Eve. And when we did, it was brownie bliss! My children left a Mince Pie brownie on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas, and he ate every crumb!

I am sure you are all now detoxing, not drinking and leading a healthy January. Good for you. I am doing a few healthy new years resolutions, although giving up brownies and bakes is not part of my health kick this year. Quite the opposite in fact. We are right in the middle of picking our new products to be launched throughout the year. It is one of my favourite jobs.. will it be the Chocolate Orange brownie, or the Pistachio and White Chocolate brownie? What gluten free brownies should we launch... such fabulous business decisions to have to make! 

Once we have our shortlist our fantastic baker Maria will be masterminding the recipies and then we will be the tasting them all. I have actually timed the first tasting session to be on my birthday weekend, as on your birthday there are no rules and everything has to be washed down with champagne doesn't it?

As I am in the middle of my shortlist at the moment, if you have any mouth watering ideas you would like to share with us, let us know on hello@thesweetreasoncompany.co.uk. We would love to hear from you, and you never know we may feature your brownie! 

Well 2014 was brilliant for us, and that was all thanks to you for buying our lovely boxes and spreading the word in the press and online, thank you so much everybody. Here is a highlight of what we achieved.. In the press...

Sneak preview ... our next brownie to be launched, as a special edition for Valentines Day, is the Raspberry Cheesecake brownie.. believe me, it will make everyone love you if you send them this!

Bye for now






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