Vote for Chocolate

After all the frenetic US Election campaign craziness of these past few weeks, maybe it’s time we all took a moment to think about something fun and positive again….I say, chocolate! 

Through all the arguing and finger-pointing, it sometimes seems hard to accept that these politicians are fighting over who’s going to run one of the most powerful nations on our planet. Thankfully, with US Election Day here at last, it’s nearly time to stop arguing and for someone to start leading. Let’s face it, we need strong leaders to look after our world because it’s the only planet with chocolate!

Let’s treat ourselves to a moment of peace in this crazy world. In true British style, put the kettle on and share a pot of tea with a friend or two. Add our handmade sticky chocolate brownies for a perfectly indulgent escape from the world of politics. 

My advice to Clinton and Trump when it all gets too much…

Chocolate doesn’t argue
Chocolate understands


  • Lyn

    Suzie you have excelled yourself this time!!! wonderful blog . X

  • Lyn

    Suzie you have excelled yourself this time. ??, wonderful blog . X

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