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We are nearly half way through January already, how did that happen? Hope everyone has been sticking to their detox? Not had a drop of alcohol since 3am on new years day? Been to the gym 5 times a week? I thought so! 

We have finished working on our new brownie ideas and Maria, our baker, is currently working on the flavours and gluten free recipes. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will get the latest on these and we will give you 10% off your next order too.  

To kick 2015 off to a flying start, we have been featured in a fabulous article 'Love from Vogue' in Vogue's February 2015 issue. This obviously highlights that Valentine's day is looming and you all need to start thinking about which brownie boxes you are going to be sending your loved ones. Flowers and chocolates are so last year! 

We have also recently been privileged in meeting the team behind House of Coco. They bring a little bit of daily luxury to their readers. We did an interview with them earlier in the week 'Behind the Brand - The Sweet Reason Company' which they are featuring on their website. Have a read, it gives you a little more of an insight into what's behind those brownies! 

Enjoy the rest of your week



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