So far so good...

It is now well into October (Autumn is definitely here now!) and The Sweet Reason Company has been launched for 3 weeks. It has been an incredible journey and we have loved every minute of it. It is so exciting sending out our delicious box of treats to recipients who don’t know they are receiving them. We have had a number of exciting reasons to send out our boxes, birthday’s, get well soon, or just because somebody lovely is thinking about you. We also had a corporate order for The Old Vic Press night, and the brownies went down a treat after the first performance of Electra. 
We have had so much feedback from friends and family, magazines and PR companies, thank you everybody and keep the feedback coming, it is all so valuable and will help us grow and give you what you want as a customer.
Our first advert went out in SE22 magazine this month which was very exciting. Between now and Christmas we have a lot more magazine exposure planned so we’ll keep you updated on where we will be appearing next.
Our range of bakes are going down well… the favourite so far seems to be the Salted Caramel brownie, I think it is very en vogue right now the salted caramel.. and I know why, it is delicious! 

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