It's Chocolate Week

If you are lucky enough to receive our newsletter (anyone can if you subscribe on our homepage!) you will know that we are very excited that it is Chocolate Week this week. I don’t know many people (well maybe the very odd one or two) that won’t get excited about talking about something sweet and chocolatey to have as a little treat.. and we all need a little treat every now and again don’t we?

To celebrate Chocolate Week we are offering 25% off our 'Break out the Brownies' boxes. These contain Salted Caramel, Banoffee pie, Coconut and Peanut Butter brownies. Each brownie is matched to a Teapigs tea temple that complements its flavour. Our brownies are so chocolatey and addictive you will be pleased there are 4 large share.. or not to share!  

 25% off 'Break out the Browines' use code 'CHOCOLATEWEEK' until 19/10/14.

To read more about Chocolate Week click here


Suzie x

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