Once bitten..

You will never shy away from our new 'Brownie Bite' boxes once you have tasted how heavenly they are! We have had so much fun creating them. We have been trying to work out how to get all our flavours out to you all in one go. The Brownie Bite boxes were our solution..our gorgeous packaging and individually wrapped squares of brownies, well we call them bites, but they are much much bigger than bite size! You can get all your favourite flavours in one box.... Salted Caramel, Banoffee Pie, Peanut Butter an Coconut and soon to launch Honeycomb (think Crunchie!) and wait for it...the Mince Pie brownie! 

As Christmas is fast approaching it would be wrong not to mention the Mince Pie, wouldn't it? I can tell you, as can my friends and family who have been lucky enough to be part of the 'tasting' sessions, our new Mince Pie brownie is truly scrumptious. We'll be launching it very soon, we are just trying to work out which Teapigs tea it goes best with.

Talking of Teapigs, they loved our brownie box we sent them, in fact it arrived today to the Teapigs office and they enjoyed a Sweet Reason afternoon tea.. lucky them!

Hope you all have a great weekend 

Suzie x

Brownie Bites - 18 bites


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