February flavours

I had a great weekend last weekend (apart from falling in a smelly stream with my 3 year old in the park!). It was my birthday so I had lots of excuses to eat cake, drink bubbles and generally feel the birthday magic. But it was also the weekend that the new brownie flavours were tasted. I have to say, getting my teeth into a tasty brownie, is the best part of my job! 

As well as some interesting new flavours like Chilli and Chocolate Chunk Orange (yes made with Terry's Chocolate Orange pieces!!) we also have 4 gluten free brownies to add to our collection. We thought it was about time we made our beautiful boxes available to those with gluten intolerance, as our brownie ingredients work so well with almond flour.

With some valuable input from you all, we have decided to kick off our gluten free range with Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Coconut and Peanut Butter. Maria our fabulous baker is also now selling the gluten free brownie bites on her stalls and they are going like hot cakes.

To go along side the new brownies, we have to be boiling the kettle to make a brew. Teapigs sent us some more of their gorgeous teas to taste. We didn't know where to start when they arrived. The aroma of each blend was divine, but to taste them while eating a brownie was simply heaven. We are still finalising the flavour matching of the brownie flavours to the teas, so we'll let you know what that they are soon.

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us so we are getting warmed up to spread the love with our brownie bite boxes and our Valentine's special, the Raspberry Cheesecake brownie.. topped with pink glitter of course! We are doing a brilliant Valentine's promotion with Sheer Luxe this week.. look out for it if you want an incredible bargain!

We are also really excited to now be selling with Not On The High Street, Ask Her Friends and soon to be on Yumbles. 

That is all for now on brownies and tea.. until next time!

Bye for now

Suzie x

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