From Mother's Day to Easter.... and Mini Eggs!

I hope all the Mummy's had a lovely Mother's Day? Mine was wonderful as I had delivered all of your tasty orders and could relax! My Mother's Day started at about 6am, my 2 young children got into bed with my husband and I, we all got right under the covers and giggled a lot. They then gave me a huge bunch of flowers, which was no surprise as my children had both told me about them the day before about 5 times. My 3 year old was convinced it was my birthday all over again and was baffled when there wasn't a birthday cake to eat. So a good day was had by all.

We loved getting all your orders out last week, such a lovely occasion to celebrate and so many of the boxes had the pretty pink tissue paper, which looks so stunning.

So Mother's day is now behind us and we are fast moving onto Easter, it is only just over 2 weeks away. It feels like everything is coming at once this year doesn't it. So to carry on with our tissue paper theme, we are using some lovely yellow in our Easter boxes and will be launching the Mini Egg brownie, which is one of the favourites in our house. We can't decide if it tops the Salted Caramel brownie or not.. might have to do some more taste tests to see!

We were honoured to provide our brownie bites to the Sheer Luxe George Northwood readers event last week which went really well. So nice to know people take their goody bag home from an evening out and can finish the night with a nibble on a brownie, with a  cup of tea after a few cocktails! 

We have had some great coverage over the last month and we were giddy with excitement when, courtesy of fashion blogger Amanda O'Riordan, The Sweet Reason brand hit Ibiza. We are in the Ibizan press for all to see who are currently lucky enough to be chilling on the Balearic Island.


That is it for now as we have a huge order this week for one of our fabulous corporate clients Blue Yonder.. the Blue Yonder brownie bite has been created and we are about to start wrapping 600 bites.. 

Bye for now



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