A Family Debate

Indulgent oreo brownies stacked on a wooden serving board

At a family gathering last weekend we found ourselves having a slightly odd debate.

After drinks in the garden admiring my Mum’s overflowing hanging baskets and the usual game of ‘guess what meat Mum has cooked’ we all headed inside for a Sunday Roast.

A delicious leg of lamb was served with all the trimmings - honey roasted parsnips, just burnt enough to make the honey sticky, carrot and swede mash with enough butter and a dash of cream to make it sumptuous, giant Yorkshire puddings that double up as pots for extra gravy and a medley of colour from carrots, baby corn and peas, and of course the pièce de résistance - Roast Potatoes.

Beef roast with potatoes, green beans, carrots & peas

The method in which my Mother makes her roast potatoes is a closely guarded secret. We all know that she swears by the amount of time they need to be par-boiled, then rested, a super hot heavy baking dish, goose fat and turning them at regular intervals. There is not a family member that does not adore these things of beauty and we even argue about who will take the left-overs home for tomorrow’s bubble and squeak.

Bowl of crispy golden roast potatoes

As usual the potatoes were discussed, praised and devoured. Insta-worthy photos were taken by the teenagers present, and then the debate started!

My brother asked a simple question: “If you could only choose one of these for the rest of your life, would you choose the roast potato or a chocolate brownie?”

Dramatic arty shot of a single roast potato on a fork against a dark blue background    Tray of freshly cut decadent brownies drizzled with chocolate

At first the roast potato won hands down, but doubt started to set in as soon as the plates were cleared and the smell of the roast was replaced by the aroma of vanilla seeds from Mum’s homemade ice cream and the heavenly smell of freshly baked brownies.

I had taken a box of The Sweet Reason's Double Chocolate Brownies - enough for one each and a couple of spares for those who find it hard to say no to a second one. Under the thin, slightly cracked top the sweet but bitter taste of the chocolate was complimented perfectly by the ice cream. As always the brownies had the perfect amount of fudgyness, chewiness, gooeyness and chocolateyness ( I am well aware that these adjectives

are not actual words, but it’s the best way to describe them!).
There was no doubt in my mind that the chocolate brownie was the choice I couldn’t live without!

salted caramel brownies stacked artistically on a wooden board, complete with a glass of milk

Easily swayed by these delicious bites one by one my family members started to agree (or at least not disagree). Not only does the chocolate brownie taste divine, a box of our brownies is the perfect gift for any occasion. They cheer up the unwell, they celebrate achievements, they say sorry when we have messed up and of course they shout ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s day. I am not sure a gift box of roast potatoes would have the same effect.

The roast potato will always have a special place in our hearts but the right chocolate brownie ticks all the boxes as the winner of our family debate.

At The Sweet Reason Company our brownies come in a wide range of flavours and we have themes to suit every event. Or maybe you could even treat yourself and see if you agree with my family’s results.

beautiful box of The Sweet Reason Company brownies surrounded by flowers and a plate of unwrapped brownies

If you are looking for delicious homemade brownies in a variety of flavours please look at our website.

For bespoke orders please contact us direct.


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