A Summer of Sport and Fitness

 As the summer sun graces our days, a thrilling world of sports fills our TV screens with events like Wimbledon, The Ashes, Tour de France, and The Open. There's a special magic in witnessing these captivating competitions from the comfort of our living rooms, as they inspire us to embark on our own journey of fitness and activity after the hibernation of winter.

Wimbledon's arrival is a time of reverence for tennis enthusiasts. The pristine grass courts set the stage for captivating battles, showcasing the talent and determination of the players. The Ashes and The Open bring the unity of fans, passionately cheering for their favourite cricket teams and golf players. The Tour de France, a true test of endurance and determination, never fails to inspire, and Netflix's incredible docuseries, "Tour De France: Unchained," has further fuelled my passion for this remarkable event.

At The Sweet Reason Company, we have noticed that the summer of sport has not only captivated our  hearts but also witnessed a surge in the sales of our tennis and golf lover boxes. These carefully curated boxes resonate with fellow sports enthusiasts, serving as a reminder of the joy sports bring to our lives.


The enthusiasm for sports is ever-growing, and I can't help but be inspired by the dedication and skill displayed by these athletes, urging me to be more active and get involved. This feeling has led to a renewed commitment to my health and well-being, sparking a desire to embrace a more active lifestyle and get back into a fitness routine.

So whether you plan on picking up a tennis racket, hitting the golf course, or simply going for a run or a bike ride, the summer months offer the perfect backdrop to embrace the joys of physical activity.

Let's seize the opportunity to fuel our passion for athleticism and cultivate a more active life. 

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