Do you love or hate Halloween?

Our growing British love-hate relationship with the spookiest day of the year is certainly divisive! But for those of us who love to be a little bit naughty, Halloween is perfect excuse to share in the silliness of dressing up and indulging in unscrupulous amounts of sweeties with the kids! It’s a time to share with friends and local neighbours on the trick or treating trail. Communities all over the UK actually enjoy the chance to meet the local kids and share a squeal of delight at the costumes and scary decorations.

Halloween is always an exciting time for our family. My parents love to help the children carve pumpkins, paint Halloween pictures and bake Halloween cupcakes. We actually closed our street for a Halloween street party, put the carved pumpkins out, handed out the cup cakes and stuck the drawings all over our front wall and door. It was a great reason to get together with the neighbours! The kids were beyond excited in their spooky fancy dress outfits and sticky hands full of sweeties.

Halloween is a perfectly sweet reason to love baking. Making special treats to share with ghoulishly dressed visitors is great fun. Even better, being ready with something delicious to treat the adults always goes down well while watching the kids hungrily devour the spoils of their trick or treating adventures. Grown ups like to be kids too sometimes after all!



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