Flippin’ fun for Pancake Day

How will you top your pancakes this Pancake Day?

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day before the Christian season of Lent begins. Traditionally, it was a time for people to use up rich and indulgent ingredients like eggs and milk before the fasting period. Pancakes became the perfect way to make use of these ingredients, which led to Pancake Day becoming globally celebrated. Today, Pancake Day is marked in the calendar and has become a day filled with family gatherings, creative toppings and plenty of flipping fun! This year Pancake Day falls on the 13th of February – frying pans at the ready…

Prepare for Pancake Day

Make pancake day super simple by ordering a Sweet Reason Company Make Your Own Pancake Kit. . These kits contain the pre-weighed, dry ingredients you’ll need to make perfect pancakes, along with a recipe card. This is a great gift to send to someone in time for Pancake Day too. Add some extra fun into the mix by holding a cook-along. Send a pancake kit to your friends and FaceTime them while you all make stacks of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

The Make Your Own Pancake Kits  ensure you have the perfect base for your Pancake Day creations. Filled with high-quality ingredients, whisking up a delicious batter is a breeze. Get the whole family invoices and fry, flip and fold perfect pancakes. 


Pancake Day Toppings

Now that you have the perfect pancake foundation, let's talk toppings! Do you prefer your pancakes to have a sweet or savoury filling? Perhaps you always stick with the traditional Pancake Day topping, lemon and sugar, or maybe this year you’re looking for new ideas. Here are some favourite fillings from Sweet Reason HQ:

Classic lemon juice and sugar.  You can’t go wrong with this classic combination, adding a little sweetness to the crispy crepes.

Maple syrup and bacon.  An American classic, combining salty bacon with sweet maple syrup. The perfect choice if you’re enjoying your pancakes for breakfast.

Berry medley.  Mix up blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, scatter over your pancakes and top the dish with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and mint.

Gruyére cheese and smoked ham.  Pancakes aren’t limited to sweet toppings. Enjoy your pancakes for lunch with a delicious melted cheese and ham filling.

Butterscotch sauce with toasted pecan nut.  Totally indulgent, this topping is deliciously sweet. Add a scoop of ice-cream for a heavenly pudding.

Nutella and banana slices.  A childhood favourite, chocolatey Nutella and freshly sliced bananas folded in thin, crisp pancakes - yum!

Sweet apples, cinnamon and honey. Cook your apples in sugar and cinnamon and fill your pancakes with the stewed fruit and a drizzle of honey.

Cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon.  A luxury savoury choice, creamy, rich and delicious.

Hazelnut creme and grated chocolate.  Get creative and opt for a super sweet pancake filling. Hazelnut creme will resemble the filling in a Bueno bar!

Biscoff spread and strawberries.  Crunchy or smooth Biscoff spread topped with fresh strawberries is one of the ultimate pancake toppings.

Celebrate Pancake Day 2024 with The Sweet Reason Company, and let the aroma of freshly flipped pancakes fill your home with warmth and happiness. Whether you prefer classic flavours or want to experiment with creative toppings, have plenty of flipping fun and enjoy your pancakes, your way!

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