Looking back on 2016!


Blogs are like public diaries where we share our thoughts with the big wide world. A scary idea really! But our business motto is about “sharing life’s special moments”, so it feels right for us to share our ideas, hopes and dreams!

2016 has been a wonderful journey of evolution for The Sweet Reason Company, exploring and developing exciting new horizons. Our highlight, has been meeting our customers face to face at Christmas Fairs and seeing their reaction to tasting our brownies! It’s fun to see how people devour the festive mince pie and Baileys brownies, nevertheless, the firm favourite is still our salted caramel brownies.

Then, reaching out to our fabulous new corporate clients has opened up new opportunities to share our Branded Gift boxes. We hear how dressing our boxes in their corporate logos, creates a memorable gift with a high positive impact on their customers. It is great to hear that our customers love the surprise of receiving their personalised gift boxes in the post!

2017 will be an exciting year of developing our product range, adventurous partnerships and new ways to spread the word of the Sweet Reason Company.

Thank you to all our fantastic customers and team!

You all deserve a beautiful and Happy Christmas sharing your own special moments with your friends and family




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