Our Recipe for Love!

February 06 2017

We can’t claim to have all the answers to love’s complexities, but we are good at helping make people smile. That’s why we are here!

So here’s our Recipe for how to make someone feel truly special this Valentines:

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • Lovingly handmade brownies in divine flavours
  • Classy Teapigs tea temples
  • A thoughtful, written message from you
  • A beautiful luxury gift box decorated with love


  • Choose a gorgeous Valentines Day Sweet Reason Gift Box
  • Send it to your loved one as a deliciously thoughtful surprise
  • Imagine them opening their box and smiling about how wonderful you are
  • Plan a romantic moment to share these gorgeous chocolaty treats together (as soon as possible before they are all eaten up!)

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