School Projects - A Parents Creative Dream (or not!)

This week we have been busy prepping a large corporate order for The Student Times Nursing Awards. All the amazing nurses shortlisted for an award will be receiving one of our gift boxes, each containing the ingredients to enter a competition to bake a trophy shaped cake.
This made me think about the crazy projects I have made over the years for my children to take to school. I have spent many weekends digging out old boxes from the garage, ripping up old bed sheets and reluctantly giving up my prized shoe boxes. I have glued, painted and cut up endless pieces of card, wood and old milk cartons. I have kept Amazon Prime in business with random purchases and I have trawled through charity shops hoping to find curtains that can become a king's cape or an old suit jacket that can dress a Guy Fawkes!
There were times when my children almost refused to take the creations into school as they felt I had 'gone too far'. They have endured school runs with precariously unstable cakes, a gingerbread model of Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, a giant Guy Fawkes and even a 4 foot model of Humpty Dumpty!
 But I loved every moment we spent making these crazy things together. My kids are now too grown up to have such briefs sent home from school, but it doesn't mean our fun has to stop. I will dig out that Sweet Reason baking jar I have stored in the cupboard and challenge them to an bake-off and dream of a Paul Hollywood handshake.
What creative projects do you have on the horizon? If you've got nothing planned, be sure to check out our website for baking mix kits and jars to spark your creativity this Spring!

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