The Decline Of The Humble Bee And Honey

We are all familiar with the irritating buzz of a bee.  But be careful when you moan about them, as soon you might not hear them so often, as the humble bee is in decline.
Bees are one of the most important species in the world today.  They are the world’s leading pollinators, so If we were to lose bees then we would lose all of the plants that rely on them.  It could mean a world without such foods as carrots, apples, lemons, melons and of course honey.
And who doesn’t love honey!   That thick, golden liquid that is as aesthetically pleasing to pour or spread as it to taste.    It is 100% natural and such a versatile food with many uses.   It’s a natural sweetener for cooking and using in teas, it has many medicinal purposes, such as soothing sore throats and irritating coughs and contains natural antibacterial properties which helps with burns and wounds and consuming local honey has long been said to help alleviate hay fever.
At The Sweet Reason Company our staff often raid the cupboards for the honey jars claiming to have sore throats or needing it to taste test for an upcoming creation they are working on.  We can’t get enough of it, so we are adding honey to more of our boxes.  We have sourced a local London honey made from 100% British Honey bees with a delicate flavour perfect for adding to pancakes, toast, baking or stirring into tea.
So, although annoying and even scary to some people, the humble bee is vital for our honey production and I certainly do not want a world without honey!

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