Those 3 little words...

“As it comes” - 3 little words that are not heard often when offering to make the tea at our team meetings at TSRC headquarters in Forest Hill.

Drinking tea and enjoying an accompanying sweet treat is taken seriously at The Sweet Reason Company - and rightly so!

Suzie surprisingly likes her tea builder’s style strong, poured from a teapot and Kelly only drinks decaf, which she likes in a plain white mug.  Jon’s tea bag is whipped out before it has a chance to brew, although he is not fussy about his drinking vessel and Liz carries a little plastic box in which she produces the most delicate little white tea temples that smell divine, but need an acquired taste (sorry Liz!).  We then have Lucy and Milly, who although they will both drink almost any tea from the shelf, will spoil it by leaving it until it is almost cold (Lucy) or devouring it and seeking a second cup before most of us have even taken off our coats (Milly).


Then there is the choice of which sweet treat.  With fridges full of tempting delights such as brownies, shortbreads, flapjacks and biscuits and a constant aroma of freshly baked cookie and brownie dough drifting up from the kitchen below it is easy to see why none of us need lunch on the days we meet.   Delicious samples of flavours and designs are there to be taste tested and reviewed and of course we are only too happy to oblige.  


When it comes to the treats, Suzie will always use a china plate, Kelly stacks them up on her work book, Milly uses a fork or spoon and Lucy is often seen precariously balancing a tower of treats on a napkin.  Meanwhile Katherine (our only coffee drinker) will initially decline, but will always cave once she hears the collective murmurs of appreciation from the crowded meeting table, where very little work gets underway until the first round of tea is complete.

No wonder we all love team meeting days!

If you are looking to delight your colleagues with a sweet treat at your work meetings take a look at our website for our full range of handmade treats, including a vegan and gluten free collection or contact us directly if you are looking for a corporate order. No order is too large or too small.

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