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A corporate gifting solution for every eventuality

The Sweet Reason Company started with indulgent brownies presented in luxury gift boxes that could be sent as thoughtful gifts. Bringing to life the magic of gift-giving was at the core of the brand and this ethos remains at the centre of what we do. Now, we have expanded our range, adding a whole host of delicious sweet treats to our edible products along with teas, coffees and an assortment of alcoholic drinks. 

Our luxury gift packages have developed to also include a selection of branded goods and merchandise. We team up with like-minded suppliers to include luxury items within our gifting range. When we pair up with a supplier partner we ensure their products are high quality, ethically made and produced with sustainability in mind.

From letterbox-friendly Treat Boxes to bake-at-home Mix Jars, our options for branded gifting are vast. You can choose any of our curated gift boxes and add branded elements. If you are after something completely bespoke, we can tailor-make a fully branded gift box, filled with your choice of products. 

Our innovative packaging design is both eye-catching and practical. With everything from sleek purpose-built designs to letterbox-friendly boxes, we can provide you with a bespoke, branded gifting solution to suit your business needs. 

Here are some of the ways gifting can work in the corporate world:

  • A  tangible way to thank clients for their business
  • To encourage repeat purchases and brand loyalty
  • An incentive to make a purchase or sign up to email marketing
  • To reward employees for their hard work
  • To generate brand awareness
  • Part of a three-touch marketing campaign to win business
  • To entice new customers 
  • Part of a team-building exercise
  • To create a fun working atmosphere 
  • A  way to motivate employees
  • For branded merchandise and sweet treats at events
  • To help with brand engagement
  • As a way to connect people during face-to-face meetings, video calls and virtual events

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Hampers and Gift Boxes

A luxury gift box for every occasion, interest, event and theme

The Sweet Reason story began with indulgent gift boxes of handmade, chocolatey brownies. As the business has expanded, so has our product range. Our edible treat options still include brownies, in a variety of flavours, but it now also features flapjacks, gourmet marshmallows, meringues, artisan chocolates, tray bakes and biscuits. 

Ensuring we really do have something for everyone, we cater for a variety of dietary requirements within our edible range, including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan products. All of our sweet treats are made by a master baker, using high-quality and organic ingredients.

Our hampers can also be designed to include a range of branded goods and merchandise. We partner with like-minded independent companies to include a selection of beautiful, luxury gift items. From grow-your-own plants to well-being journals and Spacemasks, our team of gifting experts continuously seek to identify new, unique products to add to our growing and diverse collection.

Whether you want to add gift items to a branded tote bag, include a specific product within your gift hamper, or add promotional merchandise displaying your company logo, the options are limitless, and the choice is always yours. We can work with you to create an entirely bespoke hamper, or you can choose a gift box from our current range and add your own branding. 

Baking Kits and Mix Jars

Bringing people together through baking

As well as pre-made gifts, we also have a full range of Baking Kits and Mix Jars. The Baking Kits contain the ingredients, pre-weighed for the recipe, and a recipe card. The ingredients are packaged in a square metal tin, perfect for storing your bakes afterwards. Our Mix Jars include the ingredients layered in an air-tight jar and finished with a decorative ribbon and gift tag, on which you can add your brand logo.

Our Baking Kits and Mix Jars are the perfect products for a team-building day or an office competition. From Bake-Your-Own-Cookies to Bake-Your-Own-Fairy-Cakes, get creative and have fun working in small teams to bake the best treats during a team-building day. Mix in a little competition by awarding a prize to the team with the best bakes! 

Our Baking Kits and Mix Jars make excellent gifts for employees too. Baking is said to be good for your mental health, tapping into mindfulness, satisfaction and sensory pleasure. As part of a wellness campaign, send team members home with baking kits to help lower their stress levels and boost their mood. Everyone could bring their treats back to the office to share the following day.

Treat Boxes

A little slice of luxury

Regardless of being for business or pleasure, meetings are often centred around food and drink. A business meeting over lunch, dinner with a colleague, or even an uneventful, office-based team catch-up usually involves tea and coffee at the very least. 

This is where our Treat Boxes come in. Improve attendance and engagement at meetings among team members, customers and prospective clients with Sweet Reason Treat Boxes. From letterbox-friendly packages containing cookies for virtual meetings to boxes of individually wrapped brownies for face-to-face gatherings, make your meetings all the more enjoyable with The Sweet Reason Company.  

We can set up a subscription for treat boxes, ensuring you have something to offer during every business catch-up. Let us know how regularly you would like a box of treats delivered and you can rest easy, knowing your parcel will be with you in time for every meeting.

Letterbox-friendly Gifts

The sweetest mail

Our Letterbox-friendly Gift Boxes make gifting so simple. Perfectly presented in a package designed to fit through a standard letterbox, you can ensure the recipient won't ever miss their delivery.

Previous corporate customers have used our Letterbox-friendly Gift Boxes for a whole host of reasons, including as thank-you gifts, to encourage attendance at virtual meetings, to boost morale with employees working from home, to engage with prospective clients and to welcome new employees to the team. 

Recruitment agencies, in particular, like our letterbox-friendly range. We have worked with recruitment agencies who have sent branded Letterbox-friendly Gift Boxes to candidates, congratulating them on securing a new job role through the agency. In doing so, the agency made a lasting impression on the candidate. In turn, the candidate will go on to recommend the agency and use them again in future if they change their career.